February 23, 2013

RUMOR: Did Drew Krapyshyn Write A Script For A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC Film?

AICN has posted an interesting new Star Wars rumor that could get a lot of fans backing this next possible film. The site first mentions that many ideas and possible films are being thrown around at the offices of LucasFilm. Likely, pertaining to recent comments that while spin-offs such as Boba Fett, Yoda and Han Solo are still on the table they haven't been moved any further than just talk. However, this new rumor could be a little more tangible if true.

The rumor is that Drew Karpyshyn might be or has penned a Knights of The Old Republic script for LucasFilm. He's best known for helping develop video games such as Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Knights of The Old Republic and The Old Republic. Not to mention writing expanded universe novels for both Mass Effect and Star Wars. Drew recently left game developer BioWare last year to focus on screenwriting. Apparently, the rumor circling the BioWare office is that Drew is working on script for The Old Republic. Nothing confirmed, but fans expecting something new and not connected to the original trilogy will be happy if this happens.

If a script does in fact exist there is a chance that this could be the project Zack Snyder was pitching to LucasFilm. This is my speculation but if true this could allow Snyder his own Star Wars trilogy focusing on The Old Republic era. Giving both LucasFilm and Snyder the freedom to create a whole new Star Wars franchise. While also continuing the Skywalker adventures with J.J. Abrams handling Episodes VII, VIII, IX and beyond.

Above is the Galactic Timeline Records from the Old Republic game just so you have an idea of how in-depth the mythology is.

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