February 6, 2013

WHAT IF: Ten Year Old Han Solo Could Have Been In REVENGE OF THE SITH

Today it was announced that Han Solo could end up getting his own spin-off film. While it seems odd to think we'll end up seeing someone other than Harrison Ford in the role. George Lucas had planned on having a ten year old Solo show up in Revenge of The Sith. It was ultimately scrapped likely due to the backlash from the young Boba Fett cameo in Attack of The Clones. SlashFilm has posted some of the concept art from the production a few details on how he would fit into the film. Han would have shown up on on the Wookie planet Kashyyyk during the battle scenes. Giving Yoda some promising intel on General Grevious' location. This art will likely never be used as the new Solo film will likely focus on him in his late teens or early twenties.

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