February 15, 2013

Sam Mendes Coming Back To Direct BOND 24?

This shouldn't come as a shock but TheDailyMail reports that Skyfall director Sam Mendes is quite possibly returning to make Bond 24. I say it's not surprising because earlier it was reported that Mendes was working with screenwriter John Logan on Bond 24's script. It was the first hint that Sam could be back in the director's chair.

Producers are likely giving the pair a creative atmosphere to make the follow up just as successful as Skyfall, if not bigger. Hence the other writers not being involved in the new film. The film has made $1.1 billion making it the biggest Bond film ever released and the second biggest film (edging out Dark Knight Rises) of 2012 just behind Avengers. Nothing is confirmed but if Sam officially signs on expect him to complete a Bond trilogy to finish off Daniel Craig's run as 007. Production is expected to take place sometime during the year with a November 2014 release date.

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