February 20, 2013

SPECULATION: LatinoReview Teases New Writer For JUSTICE LEAGUE, Could It Be David Goyer Or Jonah Nolan?

LatinoReview has tweeted a tease for a news concerning a new writer for Justice League. It's possible they could be hinting that David Goyer or Jonah Nolan (Memento, Prestige) might be hired to take a shot at the script. Will Beall's recent script was thrown out by the studio because of it's horrible quality. Having two writers so close to the Batman franchise write Justice League seems logical. There had been rumors dating back to before the release of The Dark Knight Rises that Jonah would not only write Justice League's script but also direct it. Considering Wally Pfister is branching out with directing Transcendence anything is possible.

Jonah wrote along with brother Chris the final two Batman films with story credits from Goyer. David has his own lengthly genre credits with writing Batman Begins, Blade trilogy, Dark City along with recent reboots Godzilla and Man of Steel. He also wrote for Black Ops 1-2 which are considered some of the highest grossing video games.

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