February 14, 2013

Peter Dinklage Will Play Main Villain Of X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Could It Be Graydon Creed?

Remember when I originally stated that Bryan Singer would be looking at Peter Dinklage for a villain role in X-Men Days of Future Past? Others had him pegged as Alpha Flight member Puck in an already overloaded film of mutants heroes. It turns out my hunch was on the right track, as Variety says that Peter has landed the main villain role. They don't name the villain but it's likely we could see him has Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister), En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) or Sentinels/Master Mold.

It's possible he could be playing a anti-mutant human villain that helps develop the Sentinel program. Finishing the job that William Stryker (Brian Cox) started in X2. Trask (creator of the Sentinels) played by Bill Duke (Predator, Commando) shows up in X3 but isn't revealed as inventor of the Sentinels. I could see them use another character instead, Graydon Creed could be that character. The son of Sabertooth and Mystique, Graydon is abandoned when it's apparent he wasn't a mutant. He becomes apart of the anti-mutant movement heading up the group Friends of Humanity, known for hate crimes against mutants and their human supporters. It's possible FOH could push the government to finally enact the Sentinel program with Creed overseeing it. The mutant registry was already shown in X2 and could return in the new film.

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