February 16, 2013

EPISODE VII Will Focus On Skywalker Kids, Plus Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher Set To Return?

Showbiz411 is adding to the recent news that Harrison Ford will be returning as Han Solo. They also mention that Mark Hamill (Luke) and Carrie Fisher (Leia) will back as well. Not surprising but will likely help support the site's next update. Reaffirming rumblings that the new trilogy would focus on the Skywalker kids. Sounds like that female Skywalker is becoming a reality.

"I was told some time ago that Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill would be reprising their roles in Episode VII. Obviously this new movie won’t pick up where “Return of the Jedi” ended. It’s some time in the future. Han, Princess Leia (with a presumably better hairstyle), and Luke Skywalker will be a lot older. Their children will be the new main characters. RsD2 and C-3PO will be unchanged, I would guess. since they are not human. But suffice to say, the three main actors are definitely coming back. The bigger question is, which young actors will play their kids?"

Having the kids involved means that they'll be taking cues from the books at least for the characters that will be included. Mara Jade will likely be involved in the new films. It's also possible over the entire new trilogy we could end up seeing Solo twins Jaina and Jacen as the new heroes. Seeing both Luke and Jacen going to the dark side within the three films. Jacen becoming Darth Caedus and taking on Tahiri Veila as his Sith apprentice. Ben Skywalker and Anakin Solo could also factor into the films.

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