February 21, 2013

Megan Fox Will Play April In NINJA TURTLES, Beating Out Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Olsen And Jane Levy For The Role

Michael Bay has announced via his site that Megan Fox (Transformers 1-2) will be involved with Ninja Turtles. A role isn't named but it might be safe to assume Fox will be playing reporter April O'Neil. There had been a rumored falling out of sorts between Bay and Fox, over some comments she made to press about the set. Elizabeth Olsen was recently revealed to be in the mix for the film before landing the female lead in Godzilla. There had been rumors that Krang could be the villain of the film.

In addition to Olsen, Variety adds that actresses Anna Kendrick (End of Watch, Scott Pilgrim, Up In The Air, 50/50) and Jane Levy (Evil Dead Reboot) were also in the mix. They also name the role to be that of April O'Neil. After discovering this gif (below) of April from the cartoon series I can see why Fox got the role.

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