February 15, 2013

Harrison Ford Will Reprise Han Solo Role In STAR WARS EPISODE VII

LatinoReview just dropped a Star Wars casting scoop concerning a returning cast member for Episode VII. They say that the deal is done and Harrison Ford will be back as Han Solo. What that role will look like in the new trilogy is unknown. It's possible it could be a big role or just as simple as a cameo (think old Spock in the Star Trek reboot). It sounds likely that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher could also be confirmed for the film as well in the coming months.

His inclusion could be Abrams/Lucas bringing the original players back to appease the fans. However, there have been rumblings that a new female Skywalker (Chloe Moretz was pitched by Matthew Vaughn) would be the main protagonist of Episodes VII, VIII and IX. It's very likely that Leia and Han's daughter Jaina Skywalker Solo is this new jedi heroine.

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