February 19, 2013

BIG RUMOR: Could Jon Favreau Direct JURASSIC PARK 4?

This one isn't very solid but according to an exchange (over the phone) between a Jurassic Park forum poster and the Universal Canada office confirmed that Jon Favreau is directing Jurassic Park 4. It sounds like a incredible goof on the person answering the phone but could be completely false as well. Then again I'm not so sure the Canadian offices would be getting many calls like that in the first place and know how to handle it. Allowing information like that to accidentally slip out could be a possibility. Frank Marshall denied the rumor via Twitter but denials don't always mean an actual no these days. Take with a grain of salt because a director should be announced anytime now. The movie has a release date of June 2014 and should begin production by Summer.

I don't entirely believe the source of the rumor but Favreau could be a strong contender now that Matt Reeves, Duncan Jones and J.J. Abrams are busy with other projects. Jon Favreau has been working on his Magic Kingdom film for ages and even threw his hat into the ring for Star Wars. He sounds like he wants another crack at a franchise and Jurassic Park seems oddly perfect for him. Elf became an instant family friendly Christmas classic. While Iron Man is still considered one the best Marvel action flicks. If he could do for dinos that he did for Tony Stark we could be in for a real treat. Favreau does have a bit of connection to Spielberg having him as a producer on Cowboys And Aliens which was also setup at Universal. Jon had been attached to direct John Carter during it's days setup at Paramount before exiting to focus on Iron Man (Carter's rights reverted back to Disney).

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