February 28, 2013

SPOILER SPECULATION: Could The Rhino Be A Replacement For The Kingpin In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 As A Russian Mob Boss?

A great deal of villains will be showing up in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and Electro (Jamie Foxx) have been confirmed while a recent addition of Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) could mean the Green Goblin might appear as well. While it's tempting to think that all these villains will be connected by the Sinister Six and Oscorp, it might not be the case.

We know that Oscorp will factor in with Osborn and also possibly Electro but an actual criminal could be the main villain of the film. The Rhino is best known as a buffoonish Soviet thug who robs banks but that will likely be slightly altered for the film. A recent image posted by director Marc Webb on Twitter gives us a clue to where they might be going with the Rhino. As the image shows a page full of Russian ring tattoos (for fingers) which could mean Rhino is a former convict (Whiplash in Iron Man 2) or apart of the Russian mafia. I'm going with the latter. 

A possible replacement for The Kingpin? One of Spider-Man's biggest and well-known villains has been the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) but since his rights (along with Daredevil) reverted back to Marvel he likely won't be apart of the Spidey franchise. Webb could include a new gangland boss of New York City in the place of Kingpin which seemingly could be The Rhino. Spidey's crime fighting has never actually had organized crime react to him in the films, besides a few run of the mill crooks.  It would be nice to see a villain that wasn't just a science experiment gone wrong for once. A bunch of side villains including Hammerhead and Tombstone that were straight up criminals could also be connected to the Rhino. The criminal aspect might also help backup rumblings that Felicity Jones might be playing cat bugler Black Cat. At least in the cartoon series Alistaire Smythe (who creates the Spider Slayer robots) works for The Kingpin, helping him take down Spider-Man. Smythe was included in the recent video game tie-in for the last film. 

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