February 21, 2013

Universal Is Moving Forward With BOURNE LEGACY Sequel, Eran Creevy Needs To Direct It

It's looking like that the Bourne Legacy might move on without Matt Damon afterall. Universal has announced to THR they are pursuing a sequel that would have Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross in the lead. The film wasn't the greatest in the franchise but was $12m shy of Bourne Supremacy's worldwide box office. Not too bad all things considering but are also open to having Matt Damon return as well. There had been talk previously that this next film could have both Renner and Damon in the same film.

I think there are many viable stories to tell with the Bourne franchise but they need to find another writer and director. Tony Gilroy tried his best but the action was lukewarm and the characters were poorly mapped out. I feel like someone like Eran Creevy (Welcome To The Punch) could write and direct the hell out of this material. Creevy could be the next Guy Ritchie or Matthew Vaughn and Universal would be smart to sign him up for this project.

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