February 11, 2013

Storm And Nightcrawler Returning For X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

Director Bryan Singer has been seemingly trying to blend both X-Men franchises into one single film likely to allow more present time films. After the horrible handing of X3 which saw the death of major characters and led to a stalemate for moving forward. The studio painted themselves into a corner and with the help of Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg and Singer they're trying to fix things. Bryan was recently asked if he would be willing to bring back both Halle Berry as Storm and Alan Cummings as the highly popular Nightcrawler. He's unsure about Storm and Nightcrawler but isn't ruling it out. The latter character's parents have already been setup in X-Men First Class with Mystique and Azazel now working together in the Brotherhood of Mutants.

One major human character that will likely have to return is Bolivar Trask played by Bill Duke (Predator, Commando). As his character does invent and unleash the Sentinels on the mutant population which is funded by the government. It's possible we could be seeing a lot of these characters being killed off/captured in the beginning of the film putting into motion the element of time-travel to fix things. No word if Kitty will be the only character thrown back into time to stop the events that lead to the Sentinels being built. Singer already has a major chunk of returning X-Men such as Xavier (Stewart), Magneto (McKellan), Wolverine (Jackman), Rouge (Paquin), Kitty (Page) and Iceman (Ashmore). There isn't word if Kelsey Grammer (modern Beast), Ben Foster (Angel) or Daniel Crudmore (Colossus) will be coming back either.

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