February 5, 2013

Paul Walker To Star In HITMAN Reboot

Deadline reports that Paul Walker (Fast And Furious franchise) has signed on to play the bald assassin in a reboot of Hitman based on the wildly popular video game series. They've brought back the original screenwriter Skip Woods (Die Hard 5) who is known for some really average at best action films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The A-Team. Luckily, Predators co-writer Michael Finch has also contributed to the script, so it might have more a punch to it. They've hired Aleksander Bach as the film's director who will get his chance for his first feature debut working mostly on commercials. The film will begin production in June on location in Berlin and Singapore.

Oddly, enough I find it weird that Vin Diesel didn't get this role. Vin has more an international appeal and is bald in all his movies. Whatever keeps Walker from taking a role in Terminator 5 is fine with me. Fox might have learned from releasing both Die Hard 4 and Hitman as PG-13 cash-grabs moving forward with more of a R-rated feature. Infusing this reboot with tons of blood soaked squibs ala Django Unchained. Along with making it more about the assassinations rather than playing cat and mouse.

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