February 5, 2013

Felicity Jones Confirmed For Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Deadline has just seemingly confirmed that Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) has taken an unnamed role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Her role isn't named but likely could be Felicia Hardy or Betty Brant. They had originally reported that Felicity was in talks along with Paul Giamatti for a third female role in the film. Instead of "in talks" the wording in the new article says "stars" which gives the impression she's locked-in. Jones had been previously linked to lead roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Snow White And The Hunstman.

Before Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 got the axe Anne Hathaway had been cast in the role of Black Cat. It's a strong possibility that Spidey could finally get a crime fighting partner since the amount of villains are rising as Rhino (Giamatti) and Electro (Foxx) will be the baddies along with the rumored involvement of Green Goblin.

It had been thought that Webb and Sony were looking to create a Spider-Man universe bigger than previously seen in the Raimi films. I could see Black Cat ending up the "Black Widow/Catwoman" of this new branch of Sony's Marvel cinematic universe. Gwen and Mary Jane are sort of stuck as love-interests/damsels while it would be nice have a female superhero/anti-hero to root for. Plus, the comics were known for Spidey's classic team-ups to have him solo all the time doesn't make much sense if Sony has access to characters like Black Cat, The Prowler, Silver Sable and Venom.

Also, news that production has begun via director Marc Webb's twitter account as he announced they would be shooting in 35mm. The last film had shot digitally so it should effect the overall look of the sequel. It sounds like the first step to Webb having a little more control over the production than he did on the last installment. I would assume in-part thanks to his new contract when Sony had to re-sign him for the second film.

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