February 1, 2013

Could The Sentinels In X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Look Like This?

During the production X2: X-Men United Bryan Singer had production designer Guy Dyas develop some art and a model for the Sentinels. Of course we would never see them in the film likely due to budgetary concerns. However, they did end up making a small but brief cameo in X3: The Last Stand in the danger room scene. X-Men Days of Future Past is taking cues from the comic storyline and will have to include Sentinels. Mark Millar has seemingly confirmed they will factor into the new film. Below is some concept art from X2 (via PropStore), a Sentinel production model (via JoBlo circa 2006) and concept art from X3. Could Bryan end up using this existing concept art or maybe going with a different design?

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