February 10, 2012

Vincent Cassel And Léa Seydoux Will Star In Beauty And The Beast

Deadline reports that there will be a new live-action Beauty And The Beast film thanks to French director Christophe Gans. It's unknown at this point if it will be similar to the original film French film from 1946 or a new contemporary take but Gans is a massively visual director and will deliver the goods. If anything it will be a serious and dark take on the classic fairytale. Chistophe gave us the amazing period genre epic Brotherhood Of The Wolf. Even though it was a French film, it hit all the notes a giant Hollywood fantasy action film would. I wouldn't be shocked to see this movie make a giant splash in North America.

They also report they've lined up their leads with Vincent Cassel possibly playing The Beast Prince. Cassel has had a slew of successes in Hollywood with roles that include Ocean's Twelve, Eastern Promises, Black Swan, Dangerous Method, Joan of Arc and the upcoming Danny Boyle thriller Trance. The up and coming actress Léa Seydoux best known to American audiences from Inglourious Basterds, Midnight In Paris and MI4: Ghost Protocol will play Belle. Vincent also had a stand out role in Brotherhood of The Wolf so it's not shocking to see him take the lead here.

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