February 24, 2012

Christian Bale Joins Out Of The Furnace With Scott Cooper Directing

HeatVision reports that Christian Bale has signed on for the lead in Scott Cooper's (Crazy Heart) revenge fueled thriller Out The Furnace. It focuses on Slim (Bale) a man released from prison after serving time for murder in 1986 Indiana. Silm tries to set his life in the right direction for the sake of his girlfriend but when his brother is murdered he's out for revenge. The film previously titled The Low Dweller was originally a film setup with Leonardo DiCaprio  as the star and Ridley Scott directing. In the years since that announcement it hadn't had any traction. There is now movement and some rather large names are pursing roles. Variety reports that Viggo Morten sen could end up playing the film's villain along with Robert Duvall up for the role of Slim's uncle.

Another meaty role seems to be Slim's brother which has a group of young talented actors in the running. They include Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone), Taylor Kitsch (Savages), Channing Tatum (Haywire) and Gerrett Hedlund (Troy). The latter previously worked with Cooper on Crazy Heart and Hedlund's role in Akira is now in question with the project getting the axe. Affleck is in similar situation as WB also killed Paradise Lost which had Casey set to play an angel warrior. Kitsch's profile is about to blow up with John Carter releasing next month but seems to be perfect after a performance in the hard boiled Savages. Channing also seems like he could do the film justice but the other names seem more interesting in my opinion.

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