February 14, 2012

Spielberg Confirms Peter Jackson Is Directing Tintin Sequel

TotalFilm was able to get confirmation from Steven Spielberg on the fate of the sequel to The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn. While the film hasn't made a giant splash in North America gathering just $75 million in box office. It's been a massive success internationally raking in $300 million which solidifies the sequel to move forward. Steven confirms that indeed Jackson will be directing the sequel just as soon as he is done with photography on the Hobbit.

"Peter [Jackson]’s doing it. I wanted to do it, but Peter has to because we made a deal. I said, ‘I’ll direct the first one, you direct the second one.’

“And Peter, of course, is going to do it right after he finishes photography on The Hobbit. He’ll go right into the 31, 21 days of performance capture.

“We’re not telling the world what books we’re basing the second movie on yet.”

 It was originally announced that Spielberg would direct the first film with Jackson the second and the possibly of Spielberg returning for the third. However, there have been rumors that Andy Serkis who is currently the second unit director on The Hobbit could be groomed to direct the third film in the series. When Peter took over directing duties from Guillermo del Toro for the Hobbit it looked like Jackson wouldn't end being able to direct the sequel which was originally planned.

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