February 22, 2012

Matthew Goode Says He's Up For More Watchmen Films

Comic fans seem to be divided on DC's decision to roll out a new series of Watchmen books under the title Before Watchmen without the approval or input of creator Alan Moore. The prequels will explore previous adventures of the dark superheroes not included in the graphic novel by Moore/Gibbons. CBM found an interview with actor Matthew Goode who was asked by about the new comics and his thoughts on them. He revealed that his character Ozymandias was the only character in the film that didn't have their origin chronicled in the first film and would like to see that revealed.

"Zack would have loved to have his [Alan Moore] involvement, because the book is so revered and its one of his favourite things in the entire world. Whether Zack would be involved in it again I don't know, he's pretty busy. I'm quite excited to see what they come up with. In some senses, my character was the one character where everyone else gets a bigger chunk of back story. I'd quite like to know what was going on. See if I was right about some of the choices I made!" 

It was rumored around the release of the Zack Snyder's Watchmen that Warner Bros, DC Entertainment and Legendary Pictures were planning on making more Watchmen films. A Rorschach film was included in the rumblings. We should expect with the prequel comics coming out all bets are off since they now have material to work with. Watchmen seems to have been profitable for the studio even with the high budget. If these prequels were to happen I expect they would treat it the same way as they are with 300: Battle of Artemisia. As they would look to Zack Snyder to godfather the project if he doesn't end up directing. I was also assume the film would keep it's tone and gritty nature but the effects/budget would be scaled down from the original. Snyder is expected to return for a Man of Steel sequel that is rumored to be already in development. However, I wouldn't rule out him returning to Watchmen in the future.

My personal belief about Watchmen continuing is that comic book characters are usually fair game if they're not creator owned. Batman gained a lot when Frank Miller was able to write his own vision of Batman. Mark Millar revitalized Avengers which sparked new interest and resurrected the superhero team. Who is to say that some of these Before Watchmen books won't end up as good if not better than the original? DC seems to be extremely timid when it comes to their comic book films. They're currently only focusing on Batman and Superman with a possible sequel to Man of Steel along with new Batman films without Bale, Oldman and Nolan. The studio is still working out how to bring Wonder Woman to the screens without recreating the terrible response and low box office return Green Lantern earned.

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