February 11, 2012

Russell Crowe Could Star In Dracula Film Harker

Vulture reports on yet another project Aussie actor Russell Crowe could be joining. This time it's for Warner Bros' new take on the classic Stoker tale of Dracula titled Harker. Instead of Jonathan Harker being a lawyer he's a Scotland Yard detective investigating Dracula's murders in London. It seems to be a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Jack The Ripper which could be worthwhile reason to make another Dracula film. Crowe is in early talks to take the title role of Detective Harker. It's not a done deal yet as Crowe is also looking at starring in Darren Aronofsky's Noan this summer. However, a production start for Harker hasn't been announced so he could be able to do both.

Jaume Collet-Serra, (Unknown) who was originally attached to the project before agreeing to direct Akira has seemly come back to helm. Akira had a long string of problems from casting, budgets, directors and scripts. Warner Bros. put the project on hold. It looks the studio has given Jaume another task while they figure out what to do with Akira. I'm not shocked as Harker is a more viable/profitable project with an interesting take on the classic Dracula tale. Apparently the studio still wants to make Akira but Harker will go first.

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