February 29, 2012

Genesis Of The Doctor Strange Film

When is was announced a few years back that Marvel Studios would be bringing Doctor Strange to theaters some might have been asked themselves, why? The short answer is that a Doctor Strange movie has been in works since 1986. A slew of bad luck and good intentions were futile. Below is the history of the film's development which included nine different writers and five directors previously involved. It's interesting to see some of the names that were once attached at one time. Currently, Marvel hasn't named a director, cast or even a release date for the film.

-1986 Bob Gale (Writer) ?
-1992 Wes Craven (Writer/Director) Savoy Pictures
-1994 Columbia Pictures Acquires Film Rights
-1995 David S. Goyer (Writer) Columbia
-1997 Jeff Welch (Writer) Columbia
-1998/2000 Michael France (Writer) Columbia 
-1998/2000 Chuck Russell (Director) Columbia
-1998/2000 Stephen Norrington (Director) Columbia
-2001 Dimension Films Acquires Film Rights
-2001 David S. Goyer (Writer/Director) Dimension
-2001 Miramax Film Acquires Rights
-2005 Paramount Acquires Rights
-2008 Guillermo del Toro (Director) Paramount
-2008 Neil Gaiman (Writer) Paramount
-2009 Marvel Studios/Disney Takes Over Film
-2010 Thomas Donnelly/Joshua Oppenheimer (Writer) Marvel

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