February 4, 2012

Could Harrison Ford Join The New Blade Runner Film?

Twitch is reporting a rumor that Ridley Scott and producers are in talks with Harrison Ford for the new Blade Runner film. Ridley Scott recently confirmed the movie would be going in the direction of a sequel when he originally signed on to direct the project. The assumption would be that Ford is playing Deckard if he returns. Currently the project is without a writer with the previous news of Scott Z. Burns hired being debunked. Scott has many other films in development and it's unclear when this film could go into production.

The original hook of Blade Runner is that we never quite know if Deckard is a replicant himself or not. It's ambiguity is the reason why the film is so interesting. A similar theme used in the work of Philip K. Dick which was also seen in the original Total Recall, where it's unknown if Doug is really a spy or just in a coma. If Ford does come back it would answer that question.

I believe with how interesting Prometheus has ended up becoming from it's trailer and loglines. A new Blade Runner film should go the Prometheus route and not use characters from the previous film. Not a complete blank slate but create new characters within that established universe. We've haven't seen many aspects of that world yet. Including the off-world colonies, how replicants are used as slaves, their rebellions and the wars they are forced to fight.

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