February 11, 2012

Dracula Year Zero Gets New Director

Deadline reports that Dracula Year Zero which was in limbo has a new director. Alex Proyas, who was set to direct originally decided to pursue Paradise Lost instead putting the vampire film on ice. Now, it looks like Dracula is being resurrected one more time with newcomer Gary Shore at the helm. Shore isn't well known but you might remember one of his shorts that made it's rounds the web a while back. It featured Wolverine and a partner slashing their way through the Hand. The quick short was visually stunning and it seems it helped Gary land this project. Currently, Paradise Lost has been given the axe by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., so Proyas is back onboard as the film's producer.

Universal Pictures has hired Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless to rework the film's script. Sam Worthington who was originally attached to play Prince Vlad of Transylvania (Vlad The Impaler) has left the project. I assume that Universal will start movement on it's production soon as another Dracula project titled Harker is also on the horizon. The film won't be taking it's cues from Bram Stoker's novel but rather the myth of Vlad The Impaler and his battles against the Turks. This was somewhat explored in the opening scenes of Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula.

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