February 8, 2012

CAST EM': The Secret Service

One of the more intriguing comic book films on it's way is Mark Millar's The Secret Service. The premise of the film is what happens when a young wayward hoodie from North London is trained to become a government spy (not unlike James Bond). Mixing elements from Bond, UNCLE and SHIELD along with the sensibilities of Millar and graphic eye of legendary artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). The first issue of the comic is released this month but the names of the characters/villain haven't been revealed. Once the issues start rolling out I'll update this page accordingly.

From what I know there seems to be an older spy character that is either the partner or mentor of the young hoodie. That role seems perfect for Richard Armitage since he's already starred in spy projects like Spooks, Strike Back and Captain America: The First Avenger. Richard also has that strong leadership quality that will be seen in the Hobbit films as Thorin Oakenshield. Not to mention he has a Bond ora to him and physical presence most actors are lacking. There has been talk of a realistic edge to the film and with his background in fighting and weapons it's going to be a major asset.

A notorious theme with Millar and Vaughn is that they love to use up and coming actors for lead roles. We've seen this with Daniel Craig/Tom Hardy in Layer Cake, Charlie Cox in Stardust, James McAvoy in Wanted, Aaron Johnson in Kick-Ass and Nicholas Hoult in X-Men First Class. A new actor that I just noticed is Tom Payne and he would be perfect for the hoodie turned spy. Payne has a major role in HBO's Luck as the cocky jockey. I wouldn't count out Charlie Cox who is the same age as Payne and previously worked with Vaughn on Stardust. Charlie has a rather physical role on HBO's Boardwalk Empire as a bodyguard/hitman and a former soldier in the Irish Republican Army. He's another actor I picture for the role.

When it comes to the film's villain I'm sort of in the dark because I don't know anything about the character. I'll just have to throw out names like Sean Bean (Patriot Games, Ronin, Goldeneye)  and Peter Mullan ( Red Riding Trilogy, Children of Men, Welcome To The Punch, War Horse, Tyrannosaur) until we know more about the series.

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