February 22, 2012

Jai Courtney Will Play Bruce Willis' Son In Die Hard 5

Deadline reports the search is finally over for the actor to play John McClean's (Willis) son in A Good Day To Die Hard the fifth film in the franchise. Australian actor Jai Courtney has landed the coveted role. Jai is best known for the series Spartacus: Blood And Sand. He recently starred alongside Tom Cruise in his upcoming action film One Shot. In the movie John has to travel to Moscow when his son is jailed but the two stumble on another terrorist plot. Production will start soon with a release date set for February 14th 2013.

Apparently the role came down to Courtney and Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games, Expendables 2). It's surprising that Moore and Willis would chose Jai over Liam. Considering that Hemsworth is a rising action star in his own right. He has Hunger Games coming out soon which is gathering him an international fanbase. Liam also worked with Willis on Expendables 2 that will also heighten his profile. Courtney is relatively unknown and while this move might have been great for a new franchise it's odd they would look to him for a role like this. Since it's assumed that John Jr. could end up continuing the franchise for Fox when Willis retires from action films.

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