February 27, 2012

Venture Bros. Creators Want To Make Doctor Strange

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick the creators of the infamously funny adult themed cartoon series Venture Bros. is again commenting on the  Doctor Strange film. The series is a giant love letter to adventure junkies including references from Johnny Quest, James Bond and pretty much every single Marvel comic ever made. The character Dr. Orpheus is pretty much a comedic parody of Doctor Strange himself.

I can't believe I missed this but during the NY Comic Con back in December, Doc joking commented on still not being contacted by Marvel about Strange. Hammer also states he has notebooks full of ideas of how to make an entertaining Strange movie and even gives a gab at their current choice of screenwriters. The screenwriting pair that have been tasked to write the script recent credit is the Conan reboot which was a total disaster and bomb at the box office.

I get a strong feeling that these two have a great vision and that they could end up putting something together on the level of Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. Considering they are equally comedy writers as they are great at creating wild action scenes. Doc and Jackson seem to honestly care about and are massive fans of Strange. Personally I think the pair should at least be given a shot at a rewrite of the current script on spec. Which I assume they'd be willing to do if not handing in their own script as well. At the moment Doctor Strange has neither a director or even a release date.

Marvel Studios seems to be one of the more open-minded studios and has given many directors and writers big feature breaks. Similar to Disney they are very creative focused and having these two aboard could have nothing but great results. The pair also bring their rabid Venture Bros' fans to table which seems to be the target audience to begin with. In my opinion Doc and Jackson would be an asset to bring onto a film like this. It wouldn't be that different than when Marvel hired Simpson's writer Don Payne to write Thor and now it's sequel.

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