February 13, 2012

Guillermo del Toro Will Direct Beauty And The Beast For WB

Variety reports that Guillmero del Toro (Hellboy, Blade 2, Pan's Labryinth) will direct Warner Bros' live-action adaptation of Beauty And The Beast. Del Toro is currently finishing up production on Pacific Rim for the studio. Harry Potter's Emma Watson is set to star in the film with Andrew Davies handling script duites. Davies' credits include the first two Bridget's Diaries films and last year's Three Musketeers. Guillermo is known for lining up many projects but this will be the first one in the pile with both a lead and writer attached. This would likely push back other projects such as his Frankenstein and Haunted Mansion adaptations. A production date isn't mentioned but with Pacific Rim not being released until May 10th 2013, it's expected a start date won't happen until next summer.

It's not surprising that there is heat behind two Beauty And The Beasty projects. As Disney re-released the animated film in 3D recently and had a decent return. The competing French production from Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of The Wolf) will likely be a French language film. I also expect with del Toro now directing the WB project will end up being more lavished from a heightened budget and design focused.

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