February 16, 2012

Brian Taylor To Direct Twisted Metal For Sony

Deadline reports that Sony is developing a Twisted Metal movie based on the classic 90's video game. The extreme version of an underground demolition derby was somewhat inspired by Roger Corman's Death Race but had it's own original racers. The face of the series is Sweet Tooth, a psychotic clown that drives an Ice Cream truck armed to the teeth. Brian Taylor one half of the directing duo Neveldine/Taylor has been hired to write and direct the film. It will be the first feature film that Brian will do without his partner Mark Neveldine. The pair will still work together on Crank 3 and possibly Ghost Rider 3, if the new film does well at the box office.

Taylor's credits are impressive when compared to other action films considering the rather small budgets he's given to work with. Brian is first and foremost a genre centric director and his films reflect that. Not to mention he makes these rather action packed films with very little money. His directing credits include Crank, Gamer, Crank II: High Voltage and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Brian's writing credits include a majority of the films he directed. He also co-wrote the underrated medical thriller Pathology and an adaptation of the DC Comics character Jonah Hex. The latter had the duo set to direct but dropped out and their script was bastardized leading to one of the worst films of 2010 .

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