February 16, 2012

John Carter Sequel Gets A Title

It looks like the John Carter sequel talk is back in full swing from Disney and director Andrew Stanton. Now that film has screened to press members and bloggers they feel confident in bringing up the sequel again. Producer Jim Morris reveals to ComingSoon that the working title of the second film is John Carter: The Gods of Mars. Taking it's cue from the second book in the Barsoom series from writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. Morris goes on to confirm that Stanton is currently working with writer Michael Chabon on the sequel. It was reported back in during John Carter's production that a script was already being written during the shooting of the first film. Giving the impression it could be ready to go into production sometime soon.

ThePlaylist was able to get a few words from Stanton who mentioned that he is likely returning for the sequel but has another secret project to go if things don't work out. From what I've heard, people have had an overall positive experience which is great news. However, it looks like no matter how good the film ends up it's box office return is going to be the deciding factor for a sequel to be made.

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