January 3, 2012

RUMOR: Bradley Cooper Playing Lex Luthor?

Bradley Cooper has been choosing a lot of odd projects lately which run the gauntlet of comedy, indie, action, blockbuster, genre and drama. Today's big rumor of the day brings Cooper back to the world of comic book roles. CosimicBookNews (via ComicBookMovie) "reports" that now that Paradise Lost's production is on hold Warner Bros. is looking for Cooper to make a cameo in Man of Steel as Lex Luthor.

At the moment this nothing but an interesting rumor but if the studio is really intent on making more Superman films Cooper isn't a bad casting choice for Lex. It had been mentioned a while back the studio might be already working on a sequel to Man of Steel. If true it could end up as brief as Russell Crowe's cameo as Jor-El, Superman's father.

Bradley had been previously rumored for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. He also had some interest in Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) before being replaced by Ryan Reynolds and Eric Draven in the now dead Crow reboot.

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