January 6, 2012

Jonathan Nolan Might Rewrite Akira Script

Variety has expanded on their original tweet involving Warner Bros. looking to rewrite Steve Kloves' (Harry Potter films) script for Akira. They mention that the studio is currently looking at Jonathan Nolan and Michael Green for the rewriting job. Nolan is the younger brother of Christopher Nolan and is responsible for helping him write films like Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. The former of which earned the screenwriter an Oscar nomination. Michael on the other hand is mostly known for television work and last summer's biggest flop Green Lantern. He apparently was hired to write a sequel to Green Lantern (why?) and for an adaptation of The Flash. The Nolan name could bring some much needed pedigree to the ailing project. Which in turn could attract better known and established actors to the cast.

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