January 24, 2012

Crow Remake Gets New Writer And Director

It was reported this week that the rights to The Crow remake has been settled between the Weinstein Company/Miramax and Relativity Media (Immortals). Now with that issue behind them they can pursue a new director and cast. Previously names like Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper were loosely attached to play Eric Draven. Deadline reports that Jesse Wigutow (The Osterman Weekend) has been hired to write the remake's script. It sounds like the studio is eager to get this made quickly as ShowBlitz reports F. Javier Gutierrez (Before The Fall) will be the new director.

The original Crow (1994) stands as one of my favorite comic book films. It set the tone for more dark and serious comic book films like Blade and The X-Men. The cult hit proved to studios that they could make non-campy comic book films and it would be successful. The notorious tragic death of star Brandon Lee after live rounds were used in a shootout scene became a wake up call to safety measures in the industry. Lee's death during the production makes this even more special to fans like myself. If not highly protective of it and negativity to any idea of trying to remake it. I'll wait until casting announcements and a trailer before I rush to judge the intentions of Relativity.

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