January 12, 2012

Sly And Arnie Could Team Up Again For The Tomb

AICN reports that the Sly Stallone prison thriller The Tomb could be getting another legendary action star added to it's cast. They say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is circling another role in the movie as well. The two recently worked together on Expendables 2 and Arnold is currently wrapping production on The Last Stand. Stallone will play a high-tech prison designer who is framed and put into a prison he helped create. He tries to escape using his knowledge of the facility and figure out why he was framed. Arnold's role isn't revealed but I assume he could playing a fellow inmate.

Deadline reports that director Mikael Hafstrom is interested in helming the film. Hafstrom is best known for directing The Rite and 1408. Originally the project was set to star Bruce Willis with director Antonie Fuqua (Training Day).

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