January 13, 2012

Josh Trank Could Direct The Fantastic Four Reboot

20th Century Fox seems to have directors lined up for their current Marvel projects. Those names include James Marigold (The Wolverine), David Slade (Daredevil), Tim Miller (Deadpool) and possibly Matthew Vaughn for the First Class sequel. The one film that has been in limbo for years is their Fantastic Four reboot. ShowBlitz reports the studio is strongly considering Chronicle director Josh Trank for the new film. They are just waiting to see how critics and audiences react to Chronicle before making an official offer. The micro-budget superhero indie is gathering a lot of buzz and is expected become very successful. The studio has to make a new movie soon because the rights will eventually revert back to Marvel if they don't.

I just hope that Fox does for Fantastic Four what they did for X-Men First Class. Hiring aspiring talent and seasoned actors to fill roles instead of flavors of the week. The spandex costumes could also use a massive overhaul. The studio also holds the rights to a slew of other Marvel characters such as Doctor Doom, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, Ronan and Blastaar. Fox has a real chance to make Fantastic Four the cosmic adventure film that Green Lantern aspired to be.

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