January 7, 2012

Kate Beckinsale Talks Total Recall

Kate Beckinsale while speaking with Collider about Underworld: Awakening revealed the details about playing Lori in the Total Recall reboot. Apparently, director Len Wiseman's take on her character was to combine both Lori (Sharon Stone) and Richter (Michael Ironside) into one single person. An interesting concept as it's the first time we've heard confirmation and reason why Richter had been left out of casting announcements. The reboot is set to be released on August 3rd 2012.

“It’s going really great, and everyone’s very excited about it.  I suppose the thing is, Sharon Stone’s interpretation of Lori is safe because my character is more… It is Lori, but it’s an amalgamation of Lori and Richter.  So I guess one of the differences about our movie as opposed to their movie is in that period of time they needed her to have a right hand man.  I am the right hand man and Lori at the same time.  So it’s a little bit more of an amalgamation of a couple of parts.”

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