January 11, 2012

CAST EM': Iron Man 3

Production is about to start on Iron Man 3 as Robert Downey Jr. is already sporting Tony Stark facial hair during international premieres of Sherlock Holmes 2. The third installment has been talked up by Robert as possibly the best in the series. Stating the script is one of the best he's ever read. At the helm is Shane Black who could be attributed to helping Robert land the Iron Man role in the first place. As Black's film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a career comeback for Downey and showed studios he was ready to work. Shane along with co-writer Drew Pearce have groundout a solid script according to the actor. It would make sense since Black is best known for creating the Lethal Weapon franchise, which is still considered the gem of the action genre.

While casting and character announcements haven't been made. Yet they soon will as the production date starts looming. I feel like I should give my two cents before the slew of casting rumors begin to flood in.


EVA GREEN AS MADAME MASQUE: We've been hearing rumors that Emily Blunt has been wanted for this role but I feel Eva is better suited. The French actress has had some success with Casino Royale and the underrated Kingdom of Heaven. It would be interesting to see her enter the fray of comic book films. She recently worked on Tim Burton's Dark Shadows and has been a regular on the series Camelot. Her latest film Perfect Sense was stunning which again shocks me why Hollywood isn't hiring this lady for bigger films. Green is able to pull off femme fatale convincingly which would be needed for the role. One thing that is seriously missing in the genre are strong female villains.

NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU AS GHOST: Ghost is one of the most interesting villains in Iron Man's very limited rogues gallery. The corporate thief has quickly become a fan favorite with his involvement with the Thunderbolts. Even the character's creator hoped he would end up in the films. If Marvel wants to ground the third film this villain would help to achieve that goal. Also, while he does use advanced technology he isn't just another carbon copy of Iron Man.

Nikolaj seems like a great actor to play the character as he's both charismatic and villainous. The Danish actor burst onto the scene last year as Jamie Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones. He also had a great performance in the Norwegian thriller Headhunters which is expected to be released here in North America in 2012. Marvel has already proven they love Thrones by hiring Alan Taylor for Thor 2 and pursuing Brian Kirk for the same job previously.

ISABEL LUCAS AS MOCKINGBIRD: Marvel Studios has a longstanding history of introducing supporting Marvel characters in their films. In the first film we got Agent Coluson and a cameo from Nick Fury. The second installment gave us Black Widow and War Machine. While I think they should minimize new additions I think Mockingbird would be an excellent one. The SHIELD agent is a longstanding member of the West Coast Avengers and is known as the partner of Hawkeye. There have been rumblings that Sharon Carter and even Carol Danvers could be in The Avengers so a character like Mockingbird might be better suited for an Iron Man 3 intro. If they are indeed moving forward with both the SHIELD and Hawkeye spin-offs she would likely be a character that would need to be included.

Australian actress Isabel Lucas is best known for her extensive work on the Aussie soap Home And Away. The staple show has been a stomping ground for Australian actors to get noticed. Most notable cast members included Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts, Guy Pearce, Isla Fisher, Chris Hemsworth and Simon Baker. She recently played Athena in Immortals which was an action heavy role. Isabel will also get tough in the remake of Red Dawn alongside Thor himself Chris Hemsworth which comes out on November 2nd. It would be nice to see an actress hired with both an action and dramatic background behind her.

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