January 24, 2012

Edgar Wright And Simon Pegg Tease World's End With Photo

Edgar Wright is currently one of the busiest young directors working today. He's passionate about his original films just as much as he is for his studio projects. A major amount of time is put into planning his productions which makes it even harder for ones that he hopes to both write and direct. Ant-Man is a perfect example it's been in development for the better part of a decade but still zero announcements on a production date. Studios have pursued him for projects like directing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and writing The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn but still focuses on his own work.

Edgar today gave fans a big surprise as he tweeted of photo of himself and co-writer Simon Pegg in what I assume is a brainstorming session for World's End. This would be the third film in the Cornetto Trilogy the first two being Shaun of the Dead (Red) and Hot Fuzz (Blue). End would be the green flavour of the bunch. The color gives the impression that it could be either a giant monster movie in the vain of Godzilla or an alien invasion film similar to War of The Worlds. The two have been busy bees lately and it looks like they've finally made time to sit down and write the final film in their trilogy. I'm sure the duo will give confirmation on the film's actual synopsis within the coming months.

When this film will get made is another question that hasn't been answered. Edgar currently has three projects he could jump into directing next that include Ant-Man, Baby Driver and Them. From what I understand while Marvel loves Ant-Man it's not currently a priority with the studio. Instead Marvel is focusing on grinding out a ridiculous amount of sequels before introducing new heroes.

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