January 5, 2012

Emma Stone To Star in Cocaine Comedy Little White Corvette

There seems to be a revival of drug-themed comedies lately films with Pineapple Express, Take Me Home Tonight, The Sitter and 21 Jump Street making waves and resurrecting the genre. Deadline reports that Emma Stone will have her own drug comedy titled Little White Corvette where Stone plays a first-time coke dealer. A nerdy guy and his wild older sister travel to Miami to try and sell a million-dollar stash of ’70s cocaine they found in the trunk of their late father’s car. The film was co-written by Michael Diliberti who wrote 30 Minutes Or Less so I assume it could end up action heavy as well.

It's interesting since Emma was originally set to co-star in Jonah Hill's 21 Jump Street but ended up dropping out because of another project. Stone is also attached for the action comedy Secretaries Day. I'm sure the role of the nerdy brother will likely end up going to Jesse Eisenberg since there is a Zombieland/30 Minutes Or Less connection here.

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