January 9, 2012

David Fincher Might Choose 20,000 Leagues Over Dragon Tattoo Sequels

Earlier it was announced that Sony was indeed making the sequels to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher was not mentioned as signing on to direct those two films. Now, ThePlaylist is hearing that because of tension during the production of Dragon Tattoo, Fincher might walk. They site troubles between David, Sony and producer Scott Rubins during the filming. I assume Fincher ended up butting heads with the studio over creative control and the material's graphic nature.

Fincher could end up jumping on board his long in development 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea project at Disney. The script by Scott Z. Burns which the director is happy with is currently undergoing rewrites from Se7en scribe Andrew Kevin Walker. There is no confirmation that he has chosen either project but the director has options that he can use when talking with Sony about contracts.

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