January 20, 2012

Talia al Ghul Confirmed For Dark Knight Rises

Ever since the early days of actresses test screening for roles in The Dark Knight Rises blogs and trades were reporting one of the roles was that of Talia al Ghul. The daughter of Batman Begins villain Ras' al Ghul played by Liam Neeson. Josh Pence had been cast in the new film as a young Ras', who eventually becomes the leader of the vigilante cult The League of Shadows which trained Bruce.

When actress Joey King was cast fans begin to speculate what her role was. Some pointed towards a very young Talia. Joey has revealed to MyEntertainmentWorld (via DigitalSpy) that she is indeed playing Talia in the film. This is the first confirmation by anyone with the production that the character is involved. It's expected King's scenes would be with Pence explaining the League's origins and perhaps even Bane's.

It leads me to believe that in fact Marion Cotillard is playing an older Talia in the film. Considering from the image above Joey looks more similar to Marion than say Anne Hathaway or even Juno Temple. When Marion joined the cast her role seemed the most mysterious of the bunch as Miranda Tate. The Wayne Corp. executive just happened to be caught on set jumping on top of the tumbler and surrounded by what looked to be Bane's soldiers. Currently this is all speculation as King might be the only version of Talia in Rises.

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