January 25, 2012

Catherine Zeta-Jones Joins Soderbergh's The Side Effects, Blake Lively Exiting?

Deadline reports that Catherine Zeta-Jones has joined Steven Soderbergh's next film The Side Effects. Catherine previously worked with Steven on Traffic and Ocean's Twelve. There is also talk that a financier of the production has walked after the casting of Blake Lively. Another company is likely to put things back into motion. It had been a concern that Lively isn't an actress strong enough to carry a film like this. Personally I think the mumbling Channing Tatum is someone more to be worried about, since I can hardly understand the actor when he delivers lines. I can never picture Channing as a leading man in a dramatic role.

If Blake does end up leave the production they have a few upscaled options in their pocket. As Variety reports actresses like Rooney Mara, Michelle Williams, Emily Blunt and Imogen Poots could end up in the role instead. The latter two of the actress were up for supporting roles in Soderbergh's version of The Man From UNCLE before he exited to focus on Side Effects. Poots recently signed onto Filth which could mean she'd be out of the running. Blunt had been rumored for role in Iron Man 3 but considering how quickly Soderbergh shoots his film I wouldn't say she'd miss the targeted May start for third installment. My bet would be on the two Oscar nominated actresses as it brings a bit of pedigree to the project.

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