January 15, 2012

Don Cheadle Says Iron Man 3 Is Action Packed

Don Cheadle talked to AccessHollywood about the upcoming production of Iron Man 3. He revealed he saw a draft of the script which was "more action packed". Also that the interplay between Tony and Rhodey is more "dynamic". Don confirmed that production on the third installment will start in May. Iron Man 3 will be in theaters May 3rd 2013 so I guess post-production will have to be a speedy one.

Iron Man at it's core is a character piece set in a comic book world. My biggest problem with the Iron Man franchise is that the action set pieces were either too few or or too quick. The first Iron Man sort of nailed the action scenes but didn't have a real threat to Iron Man until the end. That scene being the quickest and somewhat sloppiest of the whole picture. Iron Man 2 had a lot of issues but the action scenes were more like flashes and I didn't feel invested in their outcome. Having Shane Black behind the script should instill the idea that this will end up bigger and better. Black knows action better than most in Hollywood as he was involved in creating the Lethal Weapon series. He was even apart of the Predator cast as an actor which is considered another classic of the genre.

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