August 9, 2013

RUMOR: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Scott Adkins, Mark Strong And Bryan Cranston In The Mix For SUPERMAN VS BATMAN?

Apparently, Watchmen actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is now in the mix for Batman according to ThinkMcflyThink. Matthew Goode, another Watchmen alumni had been linked for Superman Vs Batman as well. Jeffrey had been previously linked for the role of Lobo (rumored for Justice League) and even a possible Watchmen spin-off focusing on The Comedian. He even spoke to MovieHole about being involved with a Dark Knight Returns film back in 2009.

"I've heard Zack mention he'd like to do it in the media a few times recently. I'd love to see myself in that role. I don't think [Warner] will do it at the moment, not with what The Dark Knight is doing. But the studio loves Zack, and if Watchmen does as well as we hope it does, you never know, he might get a crack at this thing."

British action star/stuntman Scott Adkins (Expendables 2) might be in the mix as well. The martial artist has been campaigning for the part for a while now and seemingly has met with Warner Bros./ Zack Snyder about it. His Twitter account has posted a confirmation of sorts and included an image of Scott as the Caped Crusader. We've been hearing that the director wants a convincing fighter/scrapper for the role and Scott has some serious action chops. Then again, take this as a strong rumor.

There is also word (via LatinoReview & DigitalSpy) that both Mark Strong (Welcome To The Punch, Kick-Ass) and Bryan Cranston (Drive, Godzilla, Breaking Bad) are being considered for the villainous role of Lex Luthor. Strong had a bit part in The Green Lantern but has played a slew of awesome bad guys. Cranston has been making a splash over at WB which could help him land the iconic part. I also wouldn't be shocked if they're were considering re-casting Commissioner Jim Gordon with Bryan.

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