August 12, 2013

SPECULATION: Is This Mystery Mutant From X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Footage Cable Played By Josh Helman?

The picture above is from leaked footage of the teaser for X-Men Days of Future Past. There are some interesting first looks in including X-Force member Warpath. A character that could easily jump into the lineup for Jeff Wadlow's X-Force film which he's currently writing. However, while a majority of the mutants are known in the film one makes a surprise appearance. While the footage is too blurry to make who the actor is, it's very likely it could be Daniel Cudmore (Colossus).

However, the costume doesn't match-up with the promo image of Colossus which was released recently. My theory is this could actually be Australian actor Josh Helman (The Pacific) who was recently cast in the film. Leading me to believe he just might be playing Nathan Summers (better known as Cable), as the mutant is important of to be among other well known ones. The idea stems from this part of the footage being from the future era and is alongside Bishop. His costume has a similar look to one of Cable's, notice the yellow stripes. Also, that Cable is rumored to be lead character of the X-Force film and would need to be introduced to connect the film to the established X-Men franchise.

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