August 25, 2013

Edgar Wright Confirms ANT-MAN Starts Pre-Production In October And Shoots In 2014, Plus Simon Pegg Teases Role

Collider sat down with Edgar Wright and got a few interesting tidbits about the production of Ant-Man. He confirms that pre-production will begin in October which could include casting the lead roles and location scouting. Along with confirmation that the film will shoot in 2014. No word if they'll be shooting the same time as The Avengers: Age of Ultron said to be shooting in March or after.

Simon Pegg visited the Marvel offices for their podcast only to take this photo, where he is pointing at Ant-Man. He would later squash rumors he was alluding to role in the film. Pegg is known for messing around with fandom, being a nerd himself knows the buttons he's pushing when he makes jokes like these. We've heard previously from Simon that he would only want a villain role in Ant-Man if it was offered. Nothing is for sure casting wise but it sounds like we'll know who Ant-Man (Hank Pym/Scott Lang) will be by the end of year.

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