August 2, 2013

PROMETHEUS Sequel Will Be Penned By TRANSCENDENCE Writer Jack Paglen

20th Century Fox is moving right along with their sequel to Prometheus which is set within the Alien universe and somewhat a prequel as well. The film that is rumored to have working title of Paradise has finally landed a new screenwriter. TheWrap reported a while back that newcomer Jack Paglen will be writing the film (I assume with notes from Ridley Scott and the studio). Jack is best known for the script for Wally Pfister's sci-fi action film Transcendence which has Johnny Depp in the lead.

Damon Lindelof confirmed he wasn't coming back to write the sequel. His rewrites to Jon Spaihts' original script seemingly hurt the film overall when the two scripts were posted online and compared by fans. Let's hope that Jack will have more creative freedom than previous writers (ala Joss Whedon) However, when it comes to the Alien saga Fox has a terrible track record of giving screenwriters breathing room to make one single vision. I'm sure the studio has a release date already in mind and Jack will have to deliver a draft soon. Either way, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are attached to reprise their roles.

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