August 30, 2013

METAL GEAR SOLID Could Be Released In 2016-2017, Here's Hoping They Cast Christian Bale

With high-profiled video game adaptations geared towards an older audience already in the works, such as Assassin's Creed (starring Michael Fassbender) and Spinter Cell (starring Tom Hardy). It's not hard to see why a Metal Gear Solid film is in demand at Sony Pictures. Producer Avi Arad recently announced a partnership with Konami and Sony to put together a live-action film based on the popular video game franchise. He gives a bit of an update to VideoGameFilms which seems that the project is about three or more years away from being made. A decent assessment considering it's still without a script and director.

"The Metal Gear Solid movie is about three or more years away according to Arad who implied that negotiations between the film studio and Konami could take a bit of time. However, Arad said that he’s in close contact with ‘Metal Gear’ creator Hideo Kojima. Like Uncharted, the Metal Gear Solid movie is also currently set up at Sony."

There's been an online campaign to get actor Christian Bale in the role of Solid Snake. The Oscar winning actor has left the Batman franchise and likely has also severed ties to future Terminator films as well. Leaving him open to consider other projects such as Metal Gear Solid, which is a mix of espionage and science fiction. When asked by MTV he denied any talk of being involved with the film but mentioned an affection for the game. At the time of the interview Sony hadn't even announced the film was happening. Now that movie is actually happening it will be interesting to hear his response.

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