August 11, 2013

Vin Diesel In Talks To Play Groot In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

While Guardians of The Galaxy is well underway with it's production (along with a teaser trailer making the rounds), two of the main characters have yet to be cast. Those being Rocket Raccoon (a role expected to go to a high profile actor) and Groot, two fully CGI heroes that will need voices. A new Facebook post from actor Vin Diesel picked up by HitFix points to Vin possibly playing Groot. As the actor posted an image of Groot on his page, as Diesel has been teasing for weeks now about playing a Marvel character and taking meetings about it with Marvel. His Riddick co-star Dave Bautista already nabbed the role of big bad bruiser Drax, so having Vin along for the ride seems possible. Considering his previous voice acting in animated film The Iron Giant.

UPDATE: Deadline confirms that Vin Diesel is indeed working out a deal currently with Marvel to play Groot in Guardians of The Galaxy. It's a smart move by Marvel to get a current name already attached to a rather large action franchise. Similar to hiring Zoe Saldana who is apart of both Star Trek and Avatar. Considering his box office status with the Fast and Furious film and his upcoming scfi-action flick Riddick he'll bring in foreign audiences. No word if there will be motion capture involved with the role.

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