August 25, 2013

Kevin Feige Confirms Ronan The Accuser Is The Main Villain Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY And Gamora To Start Off As Antagonist

Marvel's Kevin Feige has talked to Empire (via CBM) and revealed the rest of the villain lineup in Guardians of The Galaxy. The film is full of baddies which already includes Nebula, Yondu, Korath The Pursuer, The Collector and Thanos. Kevin confirmed that Thanos would be behind the scenes and not front-in-centre. Stating Lee Pace's Ronan The Accuser (Kree Empire) will be the main villain the Guardians will have to go up against. How both The Collector and Thanos fit into the film have yet to be revealed. He also dropped the new tidbit of news that Gamora will indeed be a villain in the beginning as well. The Nova Corps are expected to be up against the group as well.

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