February 25, 2010

What's Up With Jonah Hex?

There is plenty of anticipation for comic book films such as Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, Scott Pilgrim and The Losers. While most of those films have trailers online and the rest of the summer lineup. There has been zero footage released for DC Comics' Jonah Hex. There was footage shown at last year's Comic-Con. Which I assume would be enough for a teaser trailer. I have a few thoughts on why WB is holding back.

1. Release Date: It might be that WB is still scrambling when it's best to release the film. Both June and August have been rumored but I'm not sure if they've officially set the date. Considering they've moved The Losers from April to June then back to April. They seem indecisive for these lesser known comic book films.

2. Re-shoots: The re-shoots could be effecting the post-production process which could be delaying the release. They might even end up with more re-shoots in the spring.

3. Rating: Originally when Neveldine/Taylor were attached to direct it was assumed they would be making a gritty/action packed hard R film. When it was announced Horton Hears A Who! helmer Jimmy Hayward would be replacing the pair. It seemed it would become a family friendly PG-13. The idea of watering down the violent character made fans of Hex cringe. I wouldn't be surprised if they're trying to edit two cuts of the film.

4. Directing Issues: They brought in director Francis Lawrence as an consultant for the re-shoots. My expectations is that Hayward was overwhelmed by the project and the film ended up looking like a complete mess in the editing bay. With the help of Lawrence the studio could be trying to salvage the project.

5. 3D Conversation: Warner Bros. is converting Clash of The Titans into 3D along with the last two Harry Potter films. I wouldn't be surprised if they're trying to find a way to convert Hex too.

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